Sophomores PLAN to take the PSAT

In the past, all sophomores would take the PLAN test, a test that prepares students for the ACT by testing them over subjects like reading and mathematics. This past year, however, the PLAN test has changed its structure and changed to online. When last years’ sophomores went to take it, there were many issues and malfunctions.

”The PLAN test was a very good test and would give students the practice of standard testing, but since the changes have been made it is now just ineffective.” said chairperson of the Oakville Guidance Department, Steven King.

This year some sophomores were able to take the PSAT test with the juniors. Tenth grade students who are in honors math and English classes were given the option to take the test since they would not be taking a PLAN test. The PSAT is a junior test and really geared toward an eleventh grade level, which is why not all sophomores are given the option.

Kira Frauenhoffer is an Honors English II students and said, “I think taking the PSAT is good for students because it prepares them a lot and it is stress free since it’s not the real thing.”

Although the PLAN test is no longer offered at Oakville High School, students still have the opportunity to practice testing before they take the ACT.