Oakville alumnus transforms robotic’s future

Jason Metropoulos, a film student at Webster University and OHS alumnus, is going to use last year’s Robotics Club’s robots in a movie he’s making for his 3D Animation class.

Metropoulos plans to use Computer-generated imagery (CGI) to make the robots look more “futuristic” and motion capture software, which is going to capture an actor who will be acting out the robot’s movements. No one has ever done this at Webster before. The robots will be featured in Webster’s newspaper. Robotics Club Vice President Sheldon Salins (11) hopes this will give the robotics club more publicity.

“The film is about a man who is running away from a mystery organization that’s trying to capture him, which leads to him finding out he’s not normal,” said Metropoulos.

In addition to having their robots featured in Metropoulos’s film, the robotics club has experienced a few more changes this year. Rather than Mr. Richard Kling being in charge, Mr. James Kreyling, the metals teacher, is now taking over because Kling is getting married Nov. 12. and then plans to retire. The robotics club can now use the metals shop for their meetings every week, which Salins said is extremely beneficial.

“Kreyling is helping us through the process and giving us guidance,” said Salins. “He’s going to be a lot more helpful when building the robot because he’s the metals teacher and knows how to make stuff work.”

The club’s numbers have also doubled from last year. “There are a lot more people,” Salins said. “I guess we got the word out, so a lot more people are interested in it this year, especially underclassmen.”