Being “Petite”: Three Students Enrolled in French V

This year, French V was added to our foreign language program but did not have enough students to fill a whole classroom. In fact, only three students are currently enrolled in French V.

Madame Wilson is the french teacher at OHS and was glad to hear that she could teach a French V class. However, figuring out how to incorporate French V was extremely tricky due to the low enrollment rates. French III and French IV also have low enrollment rates, so those classes were combined from the start. The administration decided to merge the French V with one of the French II classes.

Combining two different level classes can have both a good and bad effect on the students. Some students think that they are not given the attention they need but many have positive views.

“It improves your leadership abilities because you can help the underclassmen with what they need,”  Allison Frisella (11) said.

Madame Wilson believes that putting French II and French V together can benefit the french two students.

“It is good for the French II students to hear me communicate and use the language with the students in [French] V,” Madame Wilson said.