The Breakfast Club

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, teachers at OHS have been showing their thanks for one another.

Teacher Breakfast was started up this year and allow the teachers to get together and show their thanks for each other. On certain days of the month, different sets of teachers bring in food for everyone. These teachers can bring in whatever they want and some even make a theme out of it.

A few teachers came together and put extra thought into their food. They added a college theme and brought in food that they ate in college. Ramon noodles, cold pizza, and chilli were just a few foods brought in. They decorated the teachers lounge with different college posters and had a blast.

One teacher, Stephanie Allen says “it shows other teachers that we work with how thankful we are for them.”

The teacher breakfast is a great way to get teachers together and interacting with each other. They plan to keep the idea of a teacher breakfast, but shorten it to once a month.