Red Ribbon Week Leaves a “Sticky” Impression

Red Ribbon Week came to a close this past week after raising $116.

The key to Red Ribbon Week is to inform students to stay away from drugs and alcohol. This year the slogan Stick it to drugs was used and at the end of the week, three OHS teachers were literally stuck to a wall.

During the week, students were able to donate money to whichever teacher they wanted to see duct taped to the wall in the commons. These teachers were stuck to the wall for the majority of each lunch and were suspended off the ground. With all the donations, $116 was raised and Aaron Bosch, Daniel Richter, and Laura Bishop were duct taped to the wall.

With all the change, Student Council (STUCO) advisor, Kelli Roberts was excited to get the students on board with being drug free. TREND and STUCO are also planning on working together next year and decided to use the same Stick it to Drugs slogan.

“People will be more excited next year after seeing their favorite teachers suspended to the wall,” Roberts said after Red Ribbon Week was over

Ever wonder why you have not been seeing as many drug free ribbons around the school this year? Thats because this year TREND decided to use rubber bracelets instead of the normal ribbons. These bracelets are a new, cool way to help OHS be drug free.