Friends face-off

Two junior friends run for Student Body President

This year two best friends faced off against each other for the title of Student Body President of the 2015/2016 school year.

Sophie Nelms (11) and Katie Bauman (11) went head to head in this election. However, instead of running against each other, the two friends ran with each other. Together they combined their speech and worked together to decorate their posters. Both have the same ideas for next year’s school year and want to accomplish the same things.

“I liked running against Katie because we got to work together throughout the election,” said Nelms.

Nelms is currently the class president for the Junior class and Bauman is the Vice President. Both of these girls have been in STUCO (student council) and a part of exec for the last two years. Next year their jobs will switch as Bauman takes on the tasks of President while Nelms backs her up as the VP.

“She deserves it as much as I do,” says Bauman

As President, Bauman plans to boost student involvement and work hard to make next year the best year yet.