Leadership buddies up with SSD classes


Friendships form as Leadership and SSD students eat lunch together.

Friendships form at lunch when the OHS leadership class joins with certain Special School District classes.

This program is nicknamed the buddy program. Each day a handful of leadership students accompany their buddies at lunch. The program’s main focus is to create friendships and practice the skills both groups are learning in their classrooms.

“It carries over it’s not just when they eat with them [leadership]. Those skills they are learning and talking transfers out into other places in the community as well as the classroom,” said Ms. Laura Klotz, Special School District teacher.

The skills the buddies are learning are social skills and practical skills, such as going through the lunch line. The Leadership students are practicing skills also, including learning how to build relationships and mentor others.

“It’s a win-win for everybody. [I] think that we see benefit and growth on both sides,” said Ms. Amy Learn, the Leadership director.

Both leadership students and the buddies enjoy the experience and continue to build those friendships.

“You know they are having a good time so that makes it fun for us,” explained Ryan Mitchell (12), a leadership student.