Leadership sells lemonade for charity

Two OHS leadership students came up with the fresh idea to sell lemonade during the week of Mr. OHS and benefit a good cause.

Breanna Colombo (12) and Allison Elking (12), two leadership students, thought up a lemonade stand to help fundraise during the week, and with the help and cooperation of the leadership class they decided to sell the Crystal Light lemonade packets. The leadership class sold the packets with a water bottle for a dollar at lunches.

All proceeds went to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a research organization for childhood cancer.

“The reason we chose it was because we were looking for something that would honor our students that had or have fought cancer,” Amy Learn, leadership adviser, said.

“We got water bottles and sold the packets…. and we sold them for a dollar. They could pick what flavor they wanted, pink lemonade, raspberry, or regular,” Allison Elking (12), leadership student, said.

At the Mr. OHS show, regular lemonade was sold for 50 cents a cup. The class raised a total of $3,327.23 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand.