Tiger leaders cannot be caged

In the past two years, Tiger Cage had been known for the spirit they bring to the football games, but this year the bar in spirit was raised. With two new leaders of the Cage, teachers, Kelsey Tunze and Samantha Bhambri, the Cage has 15 new Captains to pump up the growing crowd.

Seniors, Mariah Holmes, Katie Freshman, Hannah Braden, Jake Stegmann, Dan Goetz, Hannah Modzinski, Micaela Staggs, Cole Wegmann, Fiona Darnell, Natalie Boehmer, Tricia Williams, Alexus Levison, and junior, Ian Elderidge all work together to lead the Tiger Cage.

“…We wanted to start out big and we figured that the more people that we chose, the more people they could talk to and the more people we could get involved,” Tunze explains.

The Captains feel the same way about the large amount of leaders for the Cage. “I really like it because if one person gets down or gets tired, there’s other people that can help take over,” said Katie Freshman (12).

Anyone could tell the difference in attendance to the games this season, thanks to the Tiger Cage. The student section of the football games earned a tweet from the popular Twitter page, Student Section Goals which the Captains took as “a pretty big accomplishment” as another Captain, Mariah Holmes (12), phrased it.

“Everyone’s really pumped up and we have a lot of cheers, and everyone’s willing to scream for everyone,” Vice Student Body President, Sophie Nelms(12) explains.

The football team also feels the different atmosphere at the games.

“It makes us play harder and want to show our fans what we got to give and it’s really encouraging.” says one of the football captains, Matt Helldoerfer(12).

The new and improved Tiger Cage will be getting rowdy at the next football game at Mehlville this Friday.