Seniors go to Six Flags

On Sept. 28 some of the senior class got the rare opportunity to help out the number one fan of the Class of 2016.

Assistant and Senior Principal, Ross Bullington, used his Six Flags connection and brought students to help out with testing the Haunted Houses meant for Fright Fest, which is opening up the first weekend of October. The first hundred students that signed up for the Powderpuff team and cheer squad had first dibs on the invite list.

“You guys are going to go through [the haunted houses] so that we can practice our scares, and at the same time, help us practice our evacuation drills,” Bullington explains.

The haunted houses that are included in this trip are The Slaughterhouse, Voided Vision, Insanity Alley, and Blind Fury.

The first house was The Slaughterhouse which was decorated with butchers with bloody aprons.

“It was pitch black and we couldn’t see where we were going. Austin Neal was probably scaring us more than the actual people were but it was still fun,” Ryan Merritt said.

The next house was Voided Vision which includes people in black morph suits in a pitch black building. Unfortunately, none of the OHS seniors could make it into the house before the evacuation began so they had to skip it.

The third house was named Insanity Alley. This attraction was located underneath the Batman ride with strobe lights and many tricks and turns.

“Well when you walk in, it’s super dark and smoky and we had to walk through mulch and there’s little trampolines so it feels like you’re falling through the floor. There was also a guy with a knife that chased us saying he needed to make dinner and it was super scary!” Jessie Growie remembers.

Six Flags saved the best for last with the attraction Blind Fury. This was by far the highest rated among the seniors, and also the most memorable for them.

“We lost Ryan Merritt halfway through because a doll popped out at us and he ran away from us. We didn’t see him again till we got out,” Hannah Modzinski recalled.

“There was a Teddy Bear that kept following me around screaming ‘I want you, I want you’ to me the whole time!” Sophie Nelms says.

After all the scares and safety evacuations were finished, Bullington and the Six Flags crew treated their guests with generous scoops of ice cream.

Bullington is extremely delighted at how the night turned out and is proud of how the seniors behaved themselves.