HOSA takes a closer look at saving lives

On Dec. 3, HOSA will be taking a closer look at a career that saves lives.

This year, HOSA is attending a MTS (Mid-America Transplant Services) program that takes place at Mid-America Transplant hospital in St. Louis. This offers an interactive educational program on organ and tissue donation that engages students in an exciting way and teaches them about science and health in a way that could potentially spark interest in a healthcare career.

Sponsor of HOSA, Ms. Rebekah Kirchhofer said, “It gives kids an idea of what it would be like to be in that profession.”  

Students going to MTS experience a hands-on educational program where they can visit state-of-the art classrooms, handle organ and tissue models, role play, and talk to individuals who have been involved or know someone who was involved in a transplant.

“It is a very enlightening experience because you get see a real life dialysis room as well as listen to a guest speaker who has been saved from a transplant,” said HOSA participant Hiba Al-ramahi.  

Students who attend the program also get to sit in a classroom and observe a presentation given by a medical professional in the field. This gives students an idea on what happens day-to-day in the life of a transplant doctor and also how donations work and what can be donated to save a person’s life.