Epidemiologist visits HOSA students


Dalidowitz speaks to HOSA students.

HOSA students had a chance to talk with a local epidemiologist about the public health of St. Louis.

Epidemiologists are scientists who study diseases within a population. These public health professionals analyze what cause disease outbreaks in order to treat existing diseases and to prevent others from developing. Lara Dalidowitz from the St. Louis Department of Public Health came to OHS on Wednesday, April 27 and spoke to HOSA students about what a typical day is like for her and how she is involved with the community.

“Being exposed to this information and being more informed about our community’s health was very beneficial, It made me want to know more about this study,” HOSA student Sabrina Duong (12) said.

Dalidowitz also went on to talk about job requirements for that field and how epidemiologists protect our community by improving the health of locals through vaccines, injury and illness prevention, as well as ways of prolonging life.

“My favorite part of this presentation was learning more about the study of epidemiology and how it relates to the public health in St. Louis,” said Duong.

This presentation gave students a clear perspective on the job of an epidemiologist and a better understanding of this health care career.