District experiences flood complications


Megan Colyer

Flood water rises on Lemay Road.

The Oakville community went into winter break expecting snow. Instead, they faced an aggressive three days straight of rain that presented challenges for the area.

The rain collected in the streets of Oakville, leaving some students stranded at home. However, it was not until the first day of school that the issue of being stranded took an effect on others. Numerous roads that students use to get to school were closed off due to high water hazards. This caused many routes to be changed and even the bus schedule for the school to be altered.

One OHS student who lives in Imperial explained how the floods impacted her.

“We’ve never particularly gotten a terrible flood by us, but our main highway to get to school, along with Meramec, was flooded so we had to take a longer way which was Telegraph road,” said sophomore student Chloe Dedic. “Also because of the flooding, Telegraph was a zoo so it made the time that we have to leave earlier.”

Since many of the roads were unreachable by the buses, students had to rely on Telegraph to make it to school instead of less busy roads like Heintz. Traffic also became a huge issue on Baumgartner and Milburn road. Many students struggled to make it to school on time.

Fortunately the waters receded within days, and the only school still with transportation issues is Hagemann Elementary School. Most roads are now back open and the OHS bus route is back in gear.