Stuco hosts senior citizen dance

Student Council thought of a way to show their love for the community on Valentine’s Day by hosting a senior citizen dance.

The class executives planned the celebration for Friday, Feb. 12. The dance was held in Gym B and was free for any senior citizens who wanted to come. The gym was decorated with pink and red paper as well as balloons.

Unfortunately, the dance did not draw as large a crowd as the executives had anticipated. Only eight guests showed up to the dance. Despite this setback, Stuco still made an effort to have a good time.

“It was a great experience to see all of them having a great time and getting to know them. They had a ball and so did we!” Nyshaun Harvey, senior class president, said.

Students were encouraged to invite grandparents and neighbors to the dance, but because Buerkle Middle School had the same idea, hosting a senior citizen dance of their own, not all of the invited guests could attend the dance at OHS. Neither school had any idea the other was hosting a similar dance.

The few guests told Stuco sponsor Ms. Kelly Roberts that they did have fun and even gave tips on what OHS could do better to get more guests in the future. Oakville student council plans to take these changes into consideration to have more successful senior dances in the years to come.