Girls swim adjusts to the passing of Coach Greenhouse

Oakville girls swim team has undergone a big change in their coaching staff at the start of their new season, due to the unfortunate passing of the girls’ previous coach.  

“Practices and training will be different because the activities and styles of coaching are different,” swimmer Katie Elking (11) said.

This past August, Coach Ted Greenhouse passed away during a heart surgery. Although last year was his first year coaching for Oakville, he had over 30 years of experience coaching, 10 of which he spent at Lindenwood University.

“He always did his best recognizing everyone’s accomplishments and what they did well,”  said assistant coach Caryn Miller.

Ms. Liska Hromak has stepped in as the new head coach, and the team has already won their first two matches. They hope to keep the momentum going for the remainder of the season.