OHS installs new drinking fountains


OHS has recently made big changes in the water systems at school. Two new drinking fountains have been installed in the building, one in the gym A hallway, and one in the gym B hallway. What sets these two drinking fountains apart from the rest is the special feature on top. Students can now set their water bottles on top and a sensor will detect it and fill up the the bottle. These drinking fountains also track the number of plastic bottles saved.

The drinking fountains were funded from the athletic department, which is why they are only by the two gyms.

Principal Jan Kellerman hopes that the new drinking fountains will cause less traffic in the hallways after school and get athletes to practice sooner.  

JV volleyball player Olivia Heinzman says, “I like the new drinking fountains because it makes it faster during practice time.”

The athletic department also plans to install two additional drinking fountains in both the boys and girls locker rooms in the near future.