Spring cleaning at OHS

National Honors Society, or NHS, wrapped up their spring cleaning drive on April 7 and sent off the collected items to a hospital with a personal connection to the club.

The items collected for the chemo patients were sent to Mercy hospital, which was suggested by NHS member Breanna Colombo (12). Colombo has a personal connection to Mercy, as that is where she received her own chemo treatment. With such a deep connection to their cause, NHS made the drive a competition in order to generate interest in the rest of the school.

As a reward for collecting the most, math teacher Ms. Quesenberry’s ANP received Gus’ Pretzels on Monday, April 11. Although there could only be one winner, many other ANPs collected items, resulting in a successful drive.

“We got a lot of items,” NHS president Amy Kaznica (12) said, “and the hospital was very happy.”

Because of the success of the spring cleaning drive, NHS hopes to bring it back next year.