OHS renovates gym A floors


Tiger Paw Yearbook

The gym A floors under construction over summer break.

OHS has seen a few physical changes this year. Over the summer the school completely replaced the Gym A floor.

Due to water damage several years ago, the floors needed to be sanded and refinished. Activities Director Becky Czuppon said, “It has been approximately five years since the Gym A floors have been redone. This past summer the floors have been completely replaced.”

The players have noticed the new floor. One is Alexis Twillmann (12), a setter on the OHS varsity volleyball team in her fourth and final year playing at OHS.

“I was on freshman for one year, JV for two years and varsity this year,” Twillman said. “For all the years I have played and this year being the first year with new floors I don’t feel like they have really impacted our skill much, but they do look much nicer and make us look better as a team and school.”

Czuppon is happy with the results of the new floor.

“Our district does amazing things in our school and we could not be more proud,” she said. “Our sports programs can be proud of this facility, too.”