Botindari makes a difference

OHS student Gabrielle Botindari (9) is going above and beyond to raise money and awareness for leukemia research.

After one of her grandmothers passed away from breast cancer and her other grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she wanted to make a difference.

“Ever since I was a little girl, the dream dearest to my heart has always been to make a change in the world; to have an impact that would change the lives of many,” Botindari stated on her website.

Botindari has a website where she collects donations. She is currently a finalist in the Students of the Year Campaign through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, which is a competition involving students raising money for leukemia research. This competition started on Feb. 16, and as of March 1, she has raised $700.

“When I saw that there was an opportunity for a regular person like me to make an impact, I couldn’t believe what my own two eyes were showing me,” Botindari said.

In addition to her website, Botindari has also been contacting businesses and has been sending out mass emails to people asking for donations. All of this was done with little to no help from anyone else.

Botindari will be collecting donations at a booth by the concession stand at the basketball district championship games on Friday, March 2.

“I am very nervous, but I am very excited,” she admitted.

If you would like to make a donation go to

Good luck to Gabby!