OHS wraps up suicide awareness week


Lexi Onder

Smiling at her student, science teacher Ms. Kelsey Tuntze hands Allison Harvey (12) her personalized note during ANP on Oct. 27.

OHS raised awareness to an important issue by having its first ever suicide awareness week Oct. 23-27. There were videos played before the first class of each day, and there were activities for the students to participate in.

On Friday (Oct. 17), all students in ANP received notes from one of their teachers with a nice comment about them. Notes were also written by students. During this ANP, a touching video was shown in which a man who attempted suicide spoke about his experiences.

“I really liked the note because I do fear for my future sometimes, so this helps me relax and know good is coming my way,” student Emma Schaeffer (12) said.

Another student, Nick Schumann (12) said, “I thought the note was very sweet and it made me happy.”

The leader of this event Leah Black believes that the week was successful, but in the future, more time will be needed to prepare and there should be questions provided for the teachers to ask throughout the week.

“We got a lot of positive comments about the notes and videos,” Black said. “I have had many students come to me already this week talking to me about themselves and their problems and that is how I know we have helped students this week.”