STUCO saves lives one pint at a time


Tiger Paw Yearbook

Greg Davidson (12) donates blood during OHS blood drive.

Student Council is hosting its annual blood drive on Friday, March 9.

It is not too late to decide to save a life. Students can sign up to donate during all lunches in the commons.

The blood drive can only accept 110 donors, but that doesn’t mean all donors will be able to donate successfully. For the fall drive there were 110 donors signed up, but only 80 donations were accepted.

“I like donating blood because it helps people in need and makes me feel good as a person in today’s society,” Chandler Konecnik (11) said.

To be able to donate, the donor must be at least 110 pounds and be at least 16 years old.

“Giving blood saves lives. There are so many people in hospitals that do not have enough blood,” said Mrs. Kelli Roberts, Student Council sponsor. “Adults are busy with their jobs and kids, so this is perfect opportunity for them to just do it in school and be able to get out of class.”