Popular play comes to town


Kristin Kuchno

Frances Lavall (11) works on creating the sign for the play, Our Town, on Feb. 7.

Anyone who saw last semester’s play, “The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet,” will remember its bright colors and fun. This semester’s play is sure to provide a stark contrast.

The OHS Theatre Department began production for the spring play, “Our Town,” on Jan. 22. Actors and crew members alike are working hard to prepare for the show in March, which will provide new challenges and opportunities for everyone involved.

“Unlike any other play we’ve been in, there’s actually going to be music throughout,” said Taylor Zapf (12), one of the performers. “Nathan Gallop (11) is the accompanist and he plays the piano throughout the whole thing.”

“Our Town” tells the story of a town called Grover’s Corners and the people who live there. It focuses on a young girl named Emily, played by Zapf, and her childhood friend and love interest George, played by Caden Turner (11). The audience will watch the relationship between George and Emily develop and grow as they age alongside their town.

“It’s a more serious play,” Turner said. “It has a meaning and a message that people are gonna walk away with.”

The spring play will be held March 14, 15, and 16 in the Drama Center.