Auer leads students in javelin


TigerPaw Yearbook

Kiya Conners (12) and Miya Minor (9) on the track.

Alivia Auer (12) participates in a unique sport that’s fairly new to OHS. The javelin throw is a track and field event where the javelin, a spear about 2.5 m in length, is thrown.

Auer started track in middle school, but didn’t compete in javelin until last year.

“We just got it last year, and Bishop came to me and was like ‘Hey you wanna throw?’ and I was like ‘Sure.’” Auer said.

“She pretty much improves at every meet on her distance. Alivia qualified for state last year, we are hoping she is able to medal this year.” Bishop said. “She is now going to college for this event and has a lot of room for improvement. She’s currently the school record holder for the javelin and will hopefully improve more at the state competition.”

Since javelin is a newer sport to OHS not very many people know how it works. “Well you have flights, per say, and the last flight is the farthest throw so I’m usually the last flight. I get three attempts to see how far I can get it.” Auer said.

She even qualified for state last year and she had to throw 108 feet to qualify. Her personal best is 111 feet and 11 inches.

Auer is going to the University of Dubuque for javelin specifically.

“I love to throw the javelin. It’s something that I really look forward to everyday. I really enjoy throwing and really excited to go to college for it. I have learned that I can’t be perfect and can’t PR (personal record, or best performance) at every meet.” Auer said.

Auer qualified for a return trip to state. She will be in Columbia, MO this weekend along with several other OHS state qualifiers — Kiya Conners (4×100 relay, 4×200 relay, 100 hurdles), Kayla FitzWilliam (pole vault, 4×100 relay); Mackenzie Montandon (4×200 relay, 400m), Jermica Corley (4×100 relay, 4×200 relay), and Miya Minor (4×100 relay, 4×200 relay).