OHS named 33rd best school in MO

OHS has been ranked the 33rd best Missouri school by the U. S. News and World Reports.

The schools are ranked by how many AP and Dual credit courses are offered.

“Our curriculum here at school is very good.” said OHS College & Career Counselor, Mr. Stephen King. “Part of the criteria too is not only the dual credit and the AP courses, but how many people actually take Dual credit and how many people actually take AP tests, and then how they do on the AP test. So that’s where your scores and things like that come into place.”

The ranking says there is a very good curriculum of college, of Dual credit, and of AP courses in the curriculum. It also says that the students take advantage of them and as far as the AP tests go, they score very well, which means that they’re prepared to go onto college.

“Typically our school gives over 300 AP tests, so that’s good.” said King. “Very good numbers in comparison with the amount of kids who are enrolled in classes and the amount of kids who take the test as well as how they perform on the test, and our graduation rate is obviously very strong.”

Although 33rd is good, OHS had a higher ranking in the past.

“Actually we were ranked 14th about six years ago or so by U.S News and World Reports. So that was a pretty big deal.” King says.