Seniors open a new book and create Tiger Tales


Cassandra Ludwig

Katie Seithel (12) browses the libraries collection for a new book.

For their last year at OHS, two seniors wanted to put their names in the history books by creating a new club. 

President Vicky Riordan and Vice-President Katie Seithel created the Tiger Tales book club this year to build a community to support reading at OHS. 

“I was thinking about how we don’t have any english related clubs at school. I wanted something that I could join to talk about literature and books,” said Riordan. “We talked to Mrs. Ward, she loved it, and it just went from there.”

As an English teacher, Mrs. Ashley Ward is well equipped to support a club all about reading. 

“How could I deny them a chance to start a club where we get to embrace our love of reading and share it with each other? I just thought it was a wonderful opportunity,” said Ward. 

Starting in a virtual school setting is not ideal, but the club made it work with just under 40 people signed up. 

“We started with a mass email blast,” said Seithel. “Vicky made a poster and Mrs. ward just sent it out to the school to get some people interested.” 

Ward added “It’s really been word of mouth, friends of friends are joining. We haven’t done a lot of advertising, so really it’s been like the ‘secret club’ that everybody’s whispering about.” 

The club has read all sorts of books, including “The Book Thief,” “One of us is Lying,” “They Both Die at the End.” Their last book of the year will be “Pride and Prejudice.” 

“Every month or so, Vicky and I pick 5 books from different genres and put a little synopsis and have our club members vote on which one they want to read,” said Seithel. “I have loved all the books so far.”

While the year is winding down, the club is still going strong with the start of another book. 

“We hope to have a nice space where people have time to read, and we want to foster that love we used to have for books in grade school,” said Seithel. “Honestly it’s just fun to hang out with people and talk about something we all love.”