Marching band’s long awaited return marches in


Davin Smith

During the school day, the band is able to get outside to practice for their showcase on May 22.

Better late than never. That’s how one OHS group feels as they march during these last couple weeks of the semester. 

After their season was cancelled in fall 2020, the OHS marching band is back and rehearsing their show for fall 2021. 

“We’re doing bandcamp, just in the spring instead of the fall, since we all missed out on the opportunity to do it this summer,” said drum major Addie Kettenbrink (12). “We’re going through all the basics, then learning some of the show music for next year, and then we’re going to do some of the drill spots.”

To showcase their hard work during class, the band will perform 3 minutes of their marching show, “Work in Progress,” at the football stadium on May 22 at 11 a.m. 

“The drill is very simple, but it is just a great experience for everyone to learn different visuals and how to memorize the music,” said Kettenbrink. 

While the band is still working, they’ve been able to accomplish great things. 

“Our show theme is Work in Progress because just like ourselves after this year, we’re a work in progress,” said Sienna McGilvery (10). “It’s the show we are doing in the fall, but we wanted to do a mini marching season to give the freshmen a chance to learn and to give the seniors one last go.”

However, each player is limited to four guests each and masks will be required for the whole performance. 

“I appreciate that they (the directors) put in work to actually make it happen because it was so devastating in the fall,” said Kettenbrink. “We were just kind of stuck inside. So it’s cool that we are able to show off our talents again.”