Council Overload

Council Overload

GATHER ROUND. The new stuco members flock toward the snack set out for them at the first meeting of the school year.

The main concern the Student Council Exec had for this year was that the council  wouldn’t be able to get many members for the club because of the changes to the school government.

The exec members spent countless hours over the summer planning and discussing this school year and they stationed themselves throughout every schedule pick up and even went to Open House trying to gain members. In the end, their hard work paid off.

In previous years the number of student council members has fluctuated between 40 to 70 members. This year there were at least 215 members signed up to attend the first meeting and be in the student council. A very large number considering the council never passed 100 members.

It was very surprising, not only for veteran members, but also the new exec.

Student Body President Abby Bergman gave her thoughts on the enormous number of members. “It’s exciting that we have a lot of people willing to work with student council and trying to be involved in the school” Bergman replied.

At the actual meeting the senior exec members planned fun games and activities to allow all the new member meet and interact with each other and feel more comfortable as a council. For them the turnout was great and they hope the rest of the year can be as great as that first meeting.

Any possible negative aspects to this large number of members would be not enough space for everyone during meetings and keeping everyone silent during meetings.

Other than that the number of members will really help cut down on the amount of time it takes to do Student Council events. This year seems bright for Oakville’s new Student Council.