Senior skip day- all good?

Senior Skip day, the day every high senior looks forward too. Usually set on a Friday or Monday, for an extended weekend. All the students pick a day, and most of the senior students stay home from school on purpose.

The OHS seniors this year chose the Friday after Halloween for their day to skip. This allowed them to go out on Halloween night and stay up as late as they wanted to.

To most of the students, this sounded like a perfect day to miss school, but on the other hand, teachers with senior classes thought differently.

With the low attendance of seniors on Friday Nov.1, some classes only had 2 students. There was only a reported 16 seniors in first block alone. With that being said, what are the teachers supposed to do? They can’t effectively carry out a lesson with only so many kids in class.

Another issue with missing class and that days lesson, is that the end of the term is this Friday Nov 8. This means that teachers have to try and get all of their students caught up on missing lessons and assignments, so that they will be able to enter all of their grades in for the term.