Student Council, Leadership host blood drive


Tiger Paw Yearbook

Staring down at his arm, Greg Davidson (12) watches the nurse draw his blood at the blood drive on Oct. 27.

OHS Student Council (STUCO) and Leadership hosted a collaborative blood drive the week of Oct. 23.

On Oct. 27, OHS exceeded its goal of 80 and received 88 counts. Over 100 people showed up to donate.

OHS teacher and STUCO representative, Kelli Roberts, says that it’s so important to donate blood because it saves lives and goes to people who are in need of it. “I think there was a big push this year because people were thinking of the hurricane and shooting victims,” Roberts said.

“I wanted to give blood to help the community and save lives,” said Caitlyn Kelly (12), a student who donated. “A pint of blood can help many people in need.”

In years past, STUCO had a goal of 120 blood count, now it has been lowered to 80 counts. STUCO wants to see more students participate in the future so the goal can be raised.

“I gave blood because I’ve never done it before and I wanted to save lives,” Maxine Mohesky (12) said. ”Since I can’t save lives directly in any other way, by donating this way it’s easier.”