Shakespeare Class Presents Ren Faire

The Shakespeare class will put on a mini Renaissance Faire for other classes to come in and see. This semester, the faire will be this Thursday during second block.

“Students will choose a topic and make their own booth, set up an activity for people to come look at during the Renaissance Faire,” said Mrs. Emily Brasher. “It tells a little bit more about the time period for us all to learn something.”

This is not the first time the Shakespeare class has done a Ren Faire before. 

“This will be the 3rd semester I’ve done it. It’s fun because we have people dressing up, performances, popcorn, and apple cider,” said Brasher. “It’s nice to have something fun at the beginning of the semester to get into the school year.”

However, the point of the Ren Faire is not just to have fun.

Brasher said, “The Renaissance Faire is something we do in Shakespeare to get acquainted with the Elizabethan era and Shakespeare’s time.” 

While some students may find the project so early in the semester a bad omen, other students have been looking forward to the Ren Faire. 

Sean Mcginnis (12) said, “I am extremely excited. Renaissance faires are always exciting and fun. My group’s topic is over superstitions and it’s going to be really cool to see it come together” 

If you are in English 2nd block or near room 222, you may be able to come in and see the class’s hard work on their Ren Faire.