Weight Room Gets Face Lift


The outside of the new and improved weight room

The OHS weight room is sporting a new look. From the chipped paint to the equipment the OHS multipurpose room was old and out of date. 

First the main entrance and inner walls received a fresh coat of paint. After the paint dried, the new weights replaced the old equipment and were placed on the new racks.

 “The update was needed,” said head football coach Arlee Conners. “We have classes in the weight room; this will improve the classes and sports programs that use the weight room on a daily basis.” 

Aerobics, strength training, conditioning, yoga, the football team, and the wrestling team all use the weight room and say that they love it. 

Hunter Lockamy (11), a member of the football team, has used the new equipment. Lockamy said, “I think the renovation is awesome. I am glad they made the upgrade, and the weights are a lot better to use. They are cleaner and just all around feel better.”

The project took about two days and cost about $32,000. The district provided and applied the paint and bought the new equipment from Show Me Weight. According to Activities Director Mrs. Becky Czuppon, about 1/3 of the money was through donations, the rest was from budget and activity money of athletics and the school.