Golden Girls give bad habits the boot, try new strategies


Danielle Arconati

The OHS Golden Girls perform at the football game against Eureka on Aug. 29.

Two mysterious hashtags were sent to the OHS Golden Girls on Twitter on Sunday, Sept. 14: #GGBC and #GNC.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday of the next week, the Golden Girls attended “GG boot camp” and a nutritional class both led by teacher Mr. Nick Aboussie. They did strength training and learned what it takes to fuel an athlete.

The girls did an intense workout lasting about an hour that included progressions down the hall, ab workouts, and work with elastic stretching bands. The workouts were aimed to help them gain strength in their arms and legs. They also did circuit and explosion training to help with their jumps.

After the workout, the girls had a nutrition class. They learned what foods are best to eat and healthy choices they should make in their everyday lives.

“The class was to help understand what athletes do to fuel themselves and achieve peak performance,” Aboussie said.

Co-captain Nicole Carey (12) thinks that these boot camps will help make sure that everybody in their team is strong and prepared for nationals in March of 2015 in Orlando.

“It’s not about gaining muscle mass or losing weight,” dancer Sara Johnson (11) said. “It’s about getting our bodies ready to perform optimally.”

The OHS Golden Girls will continue to have GG boot camp once or twice a week throughout their season.