Bernard blast

Sophomores volunteer at Bernard Middle

Many exciting things happened in the community as sophomores from OHS ventured out into the Mehlville School District to participate in their service learning projects.

A small number of sophomores went to Bernard Middle to do service. They worked in the classrooms helping the middle schoolers with their Science and English classes.

OHS sophomores Rose Banegas, Phoebe Ackerman, and Mallorie Hodges were in a 6th grade Science class where they helped students with a lab that involved cooking pancakes. The girls say that they had to wash dishes, make the pancake batter, set up equipment, and help the students if they needed it. All three of the girls went to school at Bernard, so they were excited to be back.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve been here and it’s awesome to give back,” says Hodges. “There’s a lot of memories.”

Students also went to Blades Elementary to help out in various classrooms.

Many OHS students worked with the energetic kindergarteners. They helped them paint surfboards to hang in the classroom, went to recess with them where they all got chased, went to gym class with them, and did other regular classroom activities.

Joe Tomiser (10) was one student that really got into the service learning. He wore a superman cape and ran around with the kindergarteners during gym class.

“I like to brighten their day,” says Tomiser. “It’s fun interacting with the different kids.”

A few other OHS students worked in a 4th grade class that used ipads to take pictures of geometric shapes around the school. Connor Fortenbery(10) helped in this activity. His favorite part was being around the kids and being able to help them.