Post season softball honors

OHS softball ended with a strong record of 21-6, and several key players were recognized for their contribution to the team’s success.

For the second year in a row Maddie Michalski (11) was named second Team All State, as a class four infielder.

“It’s a well deserved honor, she’s a talented softball player; fierce competitor, a hard worker, great teammate, greater leader, and it’s nice to see a kid that puts so much time and effort into something get rewarded,” said head coach Rich Sturm.

Michalski was not only an extraordinary player, but she was also thought of as a great teammate.
“She’s a great player and role model; she’s always there for us and helps us better ourselves as players,” said Alivia Auer (10).

Along with Michalski, recognition was also given to Emily Davidson (12); they both were named first Team All Region.

“I was happy; it felt really good to be acknowledged for our hard work, I definitely did not expect it,” said Davidson.

Davidson and Michalski were also recognized for first Team All District and All Conference for their infield performance.

Many of the other softball girls were recognized for Suburban West all-conference. For first Team Pitcher, Sarah Pattillo (12) was mentioned and also Makayla Slavik (10) was recognized for second Team Pitcher. Slavik was recognized for second Team All District.

First Team All District recognition went to Amanda Fitzwilliam (9) for outfield. Fitzwilliam was also mentioned for second team offense.

Second Team All District recognized Hannah Chambliss (11), Melanie Mooney (11), Baylee Ryan (11), Caylnn Gicante (9) and Jessica Gerber (10). Chambliss was also recognized for second Team infield.
Honorable mention for offense went to Melanie Mooney (11) and Baylee Ryan (11). Honorable mention for utility went to Calynn Gicante (9), and for catching, Jessica Gerber (11).

“It was an outstanding season, it was such a fun group to coach. Everybody bought into their role and enjoyed themselves, and it really made a difference at the end of the season,” said Sturm. “As far as our overall success as a team, that’s what made it so hard to see the season end; everybody really enjoyed being around each other.”

Congratulations goes out to the softball girls on a great season and their numerous achievements.