Taking down cancer

Student Council (STUCO) once again hosted the “Take Down Cancer” fundraiser the week of Jan 17.

The purpose of this fundraiser was to raise awareness about cancer and donate the money to American Cancer Society for research. The meaning behind the name “take down cancer” comes from the idea that every 50 dollars that was raised, STUCO took down one letter in the word “cancer” that hung in the commons.

“The main reason why we decided to do it again was because it is all for a good cause,” student body president Shayla Hrncic (12) said.

Last year’s goal was to bring in 300 dollars, and they were successful with that. This year’s goal was raised to 50 dollars a letter in hopes of raising more money than last year.

“We are always looking for ways to give back. We are trying to promote it by going around at lunches and make people aware of the fundraiser and what it is for,” Hrncic said.

After the first week, they realized that they had not brought in enough money and they were not satisfied with that.

“We wanted to bring in more money so we decided to extend the deadline,” Hrncic said.

In order to spread awareness and raise as much money as possible, the deadline to donate money was extended to the following week in order to bring more awareness.

The extension was a success and they were able to raise 150 dollars, unfortunately not beating last year’s goal, but still able to donate the money to the American Cancer Society for research.