Answers to 2 truths, 1 lie: teacher edition

Caryn Miller (German teacher)
Truth: I teach at 3 schools.
(OHS, JeffCo, & German School Association of Greater St. Louis = a private school in West County.)
Truth: I’ve been to Neuschwanstein (the castle) over 12 times.
(Since I have taken over 10 school groups to Germany and everyone wants to visit the popular castle in Bavaria.)
False: I race horse carts at state fairs.

Benjamin Stallons (Science teacher)
Truth: Soul music is my favorite genre to listen to. Otis Redding, the King of Soul, is my favorite musician to listen to.
Truth: Once survived 4 natural disasters in less than 48 hours. While in Guatemala and El Salvador in the summer of 2010 I survived an earthquake, volcano eruption, tropical storm, and two landslides in the span of two days.
Lie: My favorite sport is Cheerleading. It’s Basketball

Edie Radmer (Math Teacher)
Truth:My father was a 1st Sergeant during WW2 and ran a POW camp for a short period of time in Belgium.
Truth: I won a pony from a local children’s television show when I was in elementary school.
Lie: I have never gotten a speeding ticket. “I have gotten a gazillion speeding tickets.”