Hockey comes short of finals

After four years, the Oakville hockey team returned to the semifinals for the Challenge Cup. The only team in their way for the finals at Scottrade Center was St. Louis University High (SLUH), who went to the finals last season and was defeated by Christian Brothers College High (CBC).

During the first semi final game, Oakville was defeated 5-1 on Feb. 23. Heavy hearted yet hopeful, the Tigers returned to the ice for the second semi final game on Feb. 25 at the Hardee’s Iceplex. Connor Bradley (10) scored the first goal of the game, making the team and fans hopeful for the outcome of the rest of the game. With 13 minutes left in the third period, Oakville was up 4-1 and the fans were beginning to feel confident that we could pull out a win.

SLUH continued to fight hard at the end of the third period, resulting in two more goals for their team. Oakville held on to the lead in the final minutes and won the game 4-3.

Since both Oakville and SLUH had a semi final win, following the Feb. 25 game the teams had to play a ten minute mini game to determine who would be continuing to the finals.

Adrenaline was at an all time high going into the mini game, and both teams wanted nothing more than to come out with a win. With 6:32 left in the game, SLUH scored the first goal, and another goal soon followed. After many penalties and yells from the fans, SLUH won the game 2-0, and Oakville’s playoff season came to a close.

“(I) can’t believe it went by so fast. There were a bunch of ups and downs this season, but at the end of the day, we did something nobody thought we could do. I’m proud of all the guys and girl in the locker room for believing and working their tail off all year. Playing with these guys in front of friends and family every night is something I will never forget. We’re not just a team, we’re a family,” Joe Tomiser (12) said.