OHS students place in National French Exam


TigerPaw Yearbook

Kathleen Seithel (10), Kirsten Kauffman (12), and Eleanore West (9) place in the National French Exam.

Some students took the national foreign language comprehensive test to be evaluated on their knowledge on the language they are studying at OHS. On March 28, 16 students took the French test, overall with a positive outcome. Three earned high rankings.

Ellie West (9) ranked seventh in the local chapter and 12th nationally, earning a bronze medal.

“There was some things that we haven’t learned yet, but Madame (Wilson) was really good about making sure that anyone who was taking the test, she went over it… , “ West said. “She would have us come in during ANP and went over it…it wasn’t too hard overall.”

Katie Seithel (10) ranked 10th in the local chapter and 12th nationally, receiving  a bronze medal.

“I actually felt that it was really difficult so I was surprised that I got an award,” she said. ”I’m pretty proud of myself… and I got an honorable mention last year, so I feel like I’m moving up.”

Kirsten Kauffmann (12) ranked second in local chapter and 15th nationally, earning a silver medal.

Four other students got an honorable mention for ranking top 20 nationally and locally, Iris Mohesky (9), Faruk Sopovic (9), Matt Weigel (10), and Jordan Borowski (11). Over half of the students that took the French test got a medal or honorable mention, which is better than last year’s results.

Madame Keri Wilson, French teacher, said, “In past years I’ve had students do well, but the highest we’ve gotten was a bronze medal…I was quite impressed, it was good.”  

Wilson was impressed that her students even took the test for the experience. “I’m thrilled as can be even if you did not place as high as you did,” she said. “I’m still so proud for students trying it.”