School’s not out for the summer

The 2014 High School Summer Academy is being held at OHS this year June 4th until July 1st from 8am to 11:30am. Anybody who has failed or is currently borderline failing should sign up to retake that core class during the summer. Students who also want to clear more space in their schedule for next year should also consider enrolling in the summer academy.

This year Mrs. Mathews will be principal, and Ms. Gross will be counselor of the summer academy. More electives are also being offered at this year’s summer academy. Some electives are Personal Finance, Health, 2D-Art, Team Sports and Fitness, Ecology, and Sports and Entertainment Marketing.

Also there is a new alternative to the summer academy this year. Students can take online core and elective classes instead of going to school the whole time. Students will still have to attend the summer academy for 1-2 weeks, but afterwards they will be allowed to work on school work from home.
Attendance is key in the summer school academy. Each student is required to attend and be on time for the summer session. Three tardies are counted as one day’s absence and missing more than 30 minutes of class counts as one day’s absence. Students are not allowed to miss more than three days or they will be dismissed from the summer academy and will receive an F on their transcript. Also all absences are considered unexcused regardless of the situation. Jobs, vacations, summer camps, hospitalizations, and a death in the family are some examples of unexcused absences.

The deadline to apply for the 2014 Summer Academy is Friday May 30th. If you are a student that is a part of the VICC program, applications should be turned in as soon as possible to guarantee transportation. Late applications may be accepted on a space available basis.