French club introduces French Week

From Nov. 9 to 13, French Club will be conducting activities to support the national event, French Week, which is sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. This week’s purpose is to encourage the study of French culture and language while making it fun and exciting for students. Ms. Keri Wilson, French teacher, is in charge of French Club, and has her own hopes for this week and its influence on students.

Wilson said, “My goal is to encourage students to discover the world beyond Oakville through the study of French.”

Monday’s theme was “you are super”, during which French club posted complimentary notes on students’ lockers. This idea came from a Youtube video of a French man who challenged his viewers to remind others how special they are. The students also supplied breakfast for the OHS teachers. For today, they are hosting an Eiffel Tower building contest during all the lunches. On Wednesday, there will be a “Find the French Flags” scavenger hunt. They will kick off Thursday with a trivia game about the French culture during ANP. To help support this week, the “Holy Crêpe!” food truck will also be at OHS from three to four thirty on the same day, and will be making French dessert that cost five to ten dollars.

To end the celebration of the French language and culture on Friday, they ask that students dress up in French clothing or wear the French flag colors which are blue, white and red.