SADD sells pretzels for CHADS


Students from SADD sell Gus’ Pretzels at lunch.

Although the annual mock car crash was canceled this year, Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) continued to search for a project that could help the community and eventually decided to help out CHADS Coalition during lunches.

Members of SADD came up with this idea by recalling a touching visit in middle school from CHADS Coalition, an organization which provides services to help raise awareness and prevention of suicide and depression. As many students at OHS are willing to buy outside food at lunches, SADD decided to raise money by selling Gus’ Pretzels at all three lunches on March 16 and 17.

Cathy Rabin (11), SADD member, stated, “We hope to raise awareness about mental health issues, and that people will get help from the counselors and others they can trust.”

After SADD realized there are no Oakville clubs that deeply cover and aid mental health, it was further propelled to make the results of the fundraiser the best. The results surprisingly went above and beyond its high expectations. SADD had two boxes with 150 Gus’ pretzels in each, and they sold most of both the boxes.

Rabin exclaimed, “It went pretty great! I didn’t know that many people liked pretzels.”

With the dedication to help its community and teenagers, SADD was able to better CHADS Coalition to aid everyone nation-wide.