SADD becomes more student-driven

Although many of OHS’s clubs have lost their sponsorship funding for the 2015 school year, this is not stopping SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions). SADD’s solution to the budget cuts is making the club more student-driven.

Former club director and current American Government teacher, Mrs. Beck said, SADD will accomplish this by having the students “plan and lead all meetings and events”, and she will be acting more in a “supervisory manner” rather than being fully involved. The executives of the club, Jenna Chase, Amy Kaznica, Cathy Rabin, and Isabelle Defrancesco, are leading the club to greatness this year.

At this time, SADD’s first meeting is planned to be on this Sept. 14 where they will discuss how the club will be step up for the year of 2015. The main topics that will be covered are club t-shirts, future events and fundraisers, and the mock car accident for juniors and seniors, which they have done in previous years.

Club member since freshman year, Shannon Goersch (11) said, “It should be a lot of fun!”