OHS honors legacy of staff member

A major bombshell hit OHS students when they discovered that one of the beloved teachers in the foreign language department, Miss Mary Vogel, had passed. She had a major impact on the students through her dedication and love for education and the school. She constantly worked to improve teaching techniques, the use of technology within the school, and students’ minds.

Mrs. Meghan King, Spanish teacher,  commented on Miss Vogel’s great impact, saying, “Miss Vogel taught her students to engage themselves in the learning process and discover answers through their own investigation.”

Many are honoring her legacy by adopting her great qualities. Sara’Ann Patterson (12), Miss Vogel’s cadet, is becoming a teacher to continue the work Miss Vogel has done and to show her appreciation for all of Miss Vogel’s support of her during her life struggles.

Sara’Ann Patterson said, “I would’ve dropped out and wouldn’t know what I’d be going to college for if it wasn’t for Miss Vogel. She was an amazing teacher.”

The faculty and OHS student honor her at her Memorial service with an Ofrenda, a type of altar typically used for the Day of the Dead in the Spanish culture. On the altar, they placed items that reminded them of her which included: chocolate because it was what she loved, a hammer because she was skilled in building, books because she was continuously trying to improve her teaching, photos of wolves because she loved all animals, especially wolves, a photo of her, and beautiful flowers. Miss Vogel was not only a dedicated teacher, but she also had numerous passions outside of school.

Mrs. Meghan King spoke of Miss Vogel’s passions, saying, “Miss Vogel was good at so many things. She sang with the Saint Louis Symphony Choir, owned and operated a guard dog business, was a body builder, made jewelry, and could do any electrical or carpentry repair job.”

Miss Vogel lead an inspiring life and constantly improved not only OHS students and faculty, but also OHS itself. She will be dearly missed, but she will never be forgotten due to her lasting impact on OHS.

For a deeper look at the memorial service, see the photo gallery.