Yearbook receives international recognition

Yearbook gained international recognition in Ideas That Fly by Herrf Jones, a yearbook production company.

Herrf Jones aids high schools across the United States and Canada. Dan Mueller, the company’s representative for OHS, visits once or twice a month to help the yearbook staff, and last Thursday he brought them Ideas That Fly, a book about the best features of their yearbooks, and an award. OHS Yearbook was recognized in colors of symbolic meaning that were featured throughout the yearbook. In addition, they received recognition in the following categories: Same Great Story Ideas for their Art Student Life, Feature Student Life Coverage for their Powderpuff Spread, Feature Academics Coverage for their music spread, and Feature Clubs and Organizations Coverage for their Journalism spread.

Yearbook’s hard work all year long is what led to international recognition.

Tara Vogler (12), editor-in-chief, stated, “Most of the editors stay after school at least once a week. This year I have typically been staying after 3 days a week.”

In consideration with what this does for the yearbook staff, Vogler stated, “It’s good for our staffers to have some recognition this time of year because this is when we are most busy. Being recognized internationally also gives the staff something to work towards.”

With this international recognition, the award, and the dedication of the Yearbook Staff nothing short of greatness is to come.