OHS parades its spirit

With candy flying everywhere and the hollering of OHS supporters, the OHS students showcased their tiger stripes through their creative and spirited floats on Sept. 25 at the homecoming parade. The theme for the weekend was Fun under the Sun, which made for some creative floats.

One of the executives of Student Council, Shayla Hrncic (11) said, “It was definitely fun under the sun!”

This parade varied from years past due to a shortened route. This was caused by the construction of a nearby subdivision, so the parade stuck mostly to Milburn; however, this did not stop the festivities. In fact, some even believed it made the parade even better than last year.

Chemistry teacher Ms. Rebecca Dutcher said, “The route we took this year was a lot better for the parade, because the turns weren’t as narrow as last years.”

Overall, the homecoming parade left smiles, laughter, and excitement in the hearts of the Oakville community.