Make some noise, band students hope for the best in upcoming auditions


Conrad Bucholtz (11) plays the trumpet at Super Saturday on Sept. 10.

High school band students from around the St. Louis area will be auditioning at Parkway North for the 2016 All Suburban Concert Band on Nov. 7.

OHS has 12 students registered to audition, three of whom have made the band or have been an alternate at least once before. Conrad Bucholtz (11) was the second alternate trumpet last year. Trumpet players are expected to memorize eight major scales, eight minor scales, and a full range chromatic scale. They also have to be able to play six different etudes.

“I probably practice at least two hours a week,” Bucholtz said. “And I’ve been practicing like that since the summer.”

Karissa May (11) was 17th chair clarinet last year in All Suburban. The band had several practices before their final performance at Ladue High School.

“It’s very professional. There’s no talking during rehearsals and they’re really focused,” said May. “Being in All Suburban makes me feel special, like I’m a good musician.”

The students who are accepted into All Suburban will have the opportunity to audition for the Missouri All-State band on Dec. 3. It’s much more competitive and difficult to make because there are far more students auditioning. Lauren Zygmont (11) auditioned for the band on french horn after making first alternate in All Suburban.

“You have to go and sign up for a certain number,” Zygmont said. “You don’t know exactly when your audition time will be. It depends on how many people will be auditioning. They have two rounds and if you’re good enough, you get a callback and they listen to you a second time.”