Twillmann receives full ride to UMSL


Lexi Twillmann (12) smiles with her big check from UMSL in the OHS library.

OHS seniors receive major scholarships each year, but one student in particular received hers in a way she will never forget.

Alexis Twillmann (12) was awarded a full scholarship, worth nearly $100,000, to University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL). The money will finance everything Twillmann needs for college — from room and board to books.

The scholarship application process was long and stressful for Twillmann. “I had to send in an application and I had to write an essay and then they called me in for an interview. I was really stressed out.”

Although she felt the interview went well, Twillmann did not know whether or not she had won until science class one fateful day.
Twillmann was in Ms. Kristin Pierce’s physics class on March 5 when representatives from UMSL came to OHS to surprise her. They hid in the library awaiting Twillmann’s arrival.

“I was in physics and Ms. Pierce (who was in on the secret) made me get a paper off the printer (in the library),” said Twillmann. When approaching the library, Twillmann could see a large crowd through the windows, and at that moment, she knew what was happening. “I knew how they were going to do it because my dad knows someone who got the scholarship last year,” she explained.

Upon opening the door, cheers rang out from classmates, family members, and UMSL representatives. An oversized check with “OneHundred Thousand” written on it was given to Twillmann. Her mom, dad, and younger sister were all there to show their support.

“I’m really excited,” Twillmann said. “I like the size of the campus and I love that it’s in St. Louis because I can go home; I want to be with my family.”

Twillmann is majoring in engineering and ultimately electrical engineering. She will spend two years at UMSL and two years at Washington University St. Louis.

“I feel like I made (my parents) really proud,” she said. “The financial situation — we don’t have to worry about anymore, and I feel like they think they raised a good kid.”