Students show homecoming spirit


Katie Voorhees

Singing the National Anthem, Brad Hartmann (12) passionately participates in Leadership’s USA day themed game. Sept. 21 Shooting Star Winner

OHS held its annual Fall Spirit Week Sept. 5-8, leading up to the homecoming parade and dance that weekend.

On Tuesday, the week started off with Pajama Day. Students were able to jump straight out of bed and come to school in their pajamas.

The hallways were dark and gloomy the following day as the students were dressed up in all black to participate in Goth Day.

“I thought Goth Day was a much better spirit day than the ones we’ve had in the past,” Vallerie Budrovich (11) said. “It was different and fun.”

OHS appeared very patriotic on Thursday. For America Day, students were decked out in red, white, and blue clothing.

To go along with this year’s school theme, Friday was Superhero Day. From Batman to Iron Man, students represented their favorite superheroes at the pep rally and throughout the school.

After school on Sept. 8, the homecoming parade occurred with a theme of “Hollywood.” The weather was beautiful and students were happy to be outside to enjoy it.

The parade floats were judged by a committee of teachers. Drama Troupe won best theme with their singing in the rain theme, Student Council won most original, Choir won best overall float, JV and freshmen cheer won most creative, and boys swim won most spirited.

“We were definitely hoping to win something because we put a lot of thought into our float,” said Drama Troupe member, Isabelle Zurcher (12). “But it was still an exciting surprise to find out that our little drama department actually won.”