Holly Nielsen (12) makes prestigious art show

Decked out in pen smudges and Starry Night socks, it’s no secret that Holly Nielsen (12) loves art. But what started in the classroom, has been taken it to next level.

Nielsen is one of 19 students selected to be in the Young Artists Exhibition, a student art show at the St. Louis Art Museum run by the Teen Arts Council. The show opened May 7 and will end August 7.

Originally she designed the project as part of a three piece series for her AP Art Studio class, but after she found out about the art show she submitted the best piece of the series and got a spot.

“I was really overjoyed…it was just really exciting, a little overwhelming,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen’s work has been in other art shows before such as the Taste of South County, but this one was different for her.

“I never imagined just coming into a museum and seeing your own stuff hanging there, knowing that people are looking at it and thinking about it and what it means…” Nielsen said. “It’s definitely a different kind of experience. I never would have expected to be a part of that.”

The theme of the show was personality so Nielsen’s work titled “Reflection of Media” centered around the influence of media in her own personality.

“It’s a combination of imagery and a play on words and photography,” Nielson said. “It’s kind of an expression of the work I enjoy doing all put together into one thing. I was really glad to do it, it’s just something different from anything I’ve ever done before.”

AP Art Studio teacher Brian Crawford is proud of her achievement.

“I’ve know Holly throughout her entire high school career,” Crawford said. “She has always show a great interest in art and she is definitely an example of someone who has worked hard and is determined and is also extremely talented.”

Nielsen plans on majoring in art at Webster University.