Students experience a night in Arabia at Prom


Sierra Uko

Raising his arms in celebration, Prom King Austin Hallet (12) acknowledges the crowd.

OHS held its “Arabian Nights” themed prom for the 2017 class on May 13 at the America Center. But more than just the students danced.

To support the prom theme, several bellydancers performed for the students. As well, there were henna tattoo artists and a flip book photo booth.

Austin Hallet (12) and Hanna Oberlander (12) won prom king and queen.

“I was honored to win prom queen because I didn’t suspect that I would even be on prom court and I was very excited. I was excited that Austin Hallett got the chance to win because I feel like he appreciated it more than anyone else would on that court,” Oberlander said.

Hallett was indeed overjoyed by his newfound royalty.

“I felt great, I didn’t know that a lot of people would vote for me…I felt pretty amazing about it. I felt like I was in an amazing world…” Hallett said. “I didn’t win just because of (my) Autism…but I won because I help other people. Because I’m a good person as well.”